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Electrical Panel Installation

New or Replacement Installation

Electrical Panel Installation

New or Replacement Installation

Here at Megatech, we offer a one-stop-solution to fulfill all electrical panel needs of our clients. From the procuring electrical switchboards that meet safety requirements, to the provision of a qualified professional to install the product, we deliver a comprehensive package to leave our customers feeling at ease with regards to their safety, as well as the reliability of their electrical supply.

Electrical panels in any building does more than distribute electrical power, it is a fundamental safety mechanism that can save your life. In Singapore, it is mandatory that all electrical panels have a functional Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB), or a similar fuse device that would break the circuit should there be a surge in current, thus preventing an electric shock. Therefore, it is essential that your install an electrical panel, or replace faulty ones to ensure the safety of those in the building. 

Furthermore, because electrical works and installation directly impact the safety of people in the vicinity, only a licensed electrical worker(LEW) registered with the Energy Markets Authority may carry out repair or installation works for electrical panels. Always ensure that the technician you hire produces a license, as he needs to be aware of safety requirements stipulated in the Singapore Code of Practice CP 5. You may scroll down to read more on policies regarding electrical works.

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Regulations for Electrical Works

All electrical installation, replacement and modification must be carried out in accordance to the Electricity (Electrical Installation) Regulations under the Electricity Act. The electrical technician or engineer hired must be well versed with in the safety policies stipulated in the Singapore Standard Code of Practice CP 5 for electrical installation 1998, and CP 88 for temporary electrical installation. For example, switchboards should always be enclosed by a box, a clearly drawn diagram of all the electrical circuits involved should be placed nearby, and a visible notice warning of danger in English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil. The specific statutes relating to all electrical installations can be found here.

Therefore, as proof of his or her knowledge of CP5 electrician must possess a license from the Energy Market Authorities to prove his competency in the work and the safety standards of the industry. There are 3 grades of electrician license: electrician’s license, electrical technician licence, and electrical engineer license, that are given to Institute of Technical Education graduates, polytechnic diploma holders and engineering degree holders who are registered as a professional engineer respectively. The scope of the electrical work they are allowed to do differs. Generally, electricians work with installation, repairs and maintenance less than a 1000 volts and 45kVA. Technicians work below 1000 volts and 500kVA. Engineers work above 1000 volts with a range of operation voltage restrictions. Ensure the electrician you hire have the prerequisite qualifications or license to ensure your safety. More information can be found here

When you contract an electrical worker, always ensure he or she passes you two forms by the time he completes his work. The first is the Certificate of Compliance, that guarantees that the work was done in compliance to regulations. The second is the Statement of Turn On to acknowledge that the electrical supply line has been switched on causing the installation to be electrically “live”. These forms should be kept to help authorities keep track of who is responsible, should anything go wrong in the future. You may access the form here

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