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Electrical Panels Maintenance

Servicing by Yourself or by a Professional

Electrical Panels Maintenance

Servicing by Yourself or by a Professional

One common misconception is that electrical panels do not need to be maintained. While they are highly durable, they are vulnerable to corrosion, and dust buildup that could reduce its life span. Water and humidity, especially in tropical Singapore could hasten the process of corrosion. It is therefore important to regularly clean dust off the panel, and reduce its exposure to water.

That aside, it is also important to do a monthly test on the Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) of your electrical panel. The steps are simple to do and more information can be found further down the page. This is to ensure that the basic mechanics of the RCCB is still functional thus preventing anyone from exposure to electrical hazards. 

Moreover, it is also critical for you to have a professional electrician to test and inspect your circuit systems on the electrical panel approximately once a year. Such inspections would comprehensively ensure that no circuitry within the building are faulty. As with any electrical installations or repair work, only hire a licensed electrical worker (LEW). More information on electrical regulations can be found here.

Do contact us if the scheduled time to service your electrical panels is coming near. We offer a comprehensive package of servicing, diagnosing faults, and if need be, fixing any issues found with your switchboards, to ensure the safety and reliability of your electrical supply.

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Testing Your RCCB

Circuit breakers, as with all other electrical appliance can become faulty with time. Ideally, checks and tests should be done once every month via the steps listed below to ensure your own safety.

  1. Ensure your RCCB that was purchased has been labeled with the "Safety Mark" label. 
  2. Press the "test" button on the RCCB. (This can be seen on the extreme left side of the picture.) The electrical system should trip, and the switch on the electrical panel would flip to "Off". When this happens, all electrical appliances such as the lights, fans, computers and so on should not be working. 
  3. If the switch does not flip to "Off", or the electrical appliances in your house is still running, it means the RCCB is faulty and has to be changed. 
  4. Always engage a licensed electrical worker (LEW) to do the installation.
  5. Before the supply is switched on again, an officer from SP services Ltd should inspect the new installation.

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