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Electrical Panel Repairs

Fixing Your Electrical Fault

Electrical Panel Repairs

Fixing Your Electrical Fault

Electrical faults occur for many reasons. It could be due to a faulty electrical appliance, pests damaging wire connections, a sudden electrical surge from the main grid, or in rare scenarios, a lightning, or it could simply be due to aging and wear and tear. This does not necessarily mean the entire switchboard have to be replaced. Sometimes tinkering by a trained electrician, or replacing damaged parts would suffice. 

Whatever the case, the last thing your would want to do is to panic when the power trips in your building. Keep scrolling down to learn about how you can troubleshoot when the electric supply in your building trips.

We offer professional troubleshooting, and diagnosis of electrical faults, along with follow up remedies, repairs and if needed, replacement for electrical panels. Do contact us if your electrical panels are in need of repairs!

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Troubleshooting Power Trips

Let's say one day the power in the office or home trips. The first thing you must note is that circuit breakers are designed to keep you safe, and that any potential risks must be investigated. 

  1. Narrow down the extent of the trip, the specific rooms or parts of the building that are affected, that way you can narrow down the location of the fault.
  2. Check for any electrical appliance that may have been responsible for the trip. It could be exposed wires or faulty equipment that had short-circuit. Connecting too many appliances to a single plug could also result in high-currents, and hence is a fire hazard. This is called overloading of a circuit.
  3. Disconnect and switch off overloaded plugs or faulty appliances if there are any.
  4. If there are no obvious cause, or the issue is rectified, go to the electrical panel of the building and identify the breaker switch that is in the "off" position. Switch it back on and observe if the circuit breaks again.
  5. If the breaker switch trips again, contact your building's electrical technician to identify the circuit that is faulty to resolve it. Otherwise, it could also meant that the electrical panel is faulty and requires replacing. Contact an electrical engineer to do so.

Note: Do not tinker with the electrical panel or the plug circuit in anyway to prevent the risk of electrocution. Contact the building's electrical technician anytime you are unsure.  Alternatively, you may contact us here.

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