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New Generators

Purchasing of Generators

New Generators

Purchasing of Generators

We distribute generators of all power capacity. Generator power is measured by Mega Watts (MW). All that is needed from the client is information on how much energy is required, and the space limitations in the housing of the generators. We will then narrow down the most suitable generator for your needs, and provide the new generator for you. Do be aware of the Singapore's policies on embedded generation of power, which would be covered below. Otherwise, you might want to rent one instead. Contact us if you would like to know more, or to get a quote! 


Policies on Embedded Generation

In order to own power generators of any sort in Singapore, there is a need to apply to the Energy Market Authority to set-up an embedded generation (EG) facilities, as well as to receive an Electrical Installation License to operate the EG. An EG unit capacity that can produce 1 MW to 10 MW will have to apply for an additional Wholesaler Licence. Above 10 MW will require a Generation Licence  This generation facility can also export excess energy should it be used as the main power source for internal usage.  

The two main criteria for embedded generation set by the authorities is that the generation facilities must be located on land plot next to the facility loads, and the land, generating units, and facilities must own 50% or more by a single owner. However, outsourcing the running of the embedded generators is possible, provided that the energy firm does not gain market share and power.

For energy exports, the owner may apply to be a non-contestable consumer with SP services Ltd if his generator capacity is below 1MW for a Credit Scheme, where he or she is paid in credits for his monthly electrical bills. To be a contestable consumer, the owner has to apply with the Energy Market Company Ltd as a market participant, therefore allowing them to be paid at the price of the wholesale electricity market. Where the generator capacity is above 1MW, the owner has to apply for the latter option only.

Do note that EMC fees, Market Support Services (MSS) fees, Monthly Energy Uplift Charge (MEUC), Power System Operator (PSO) fees, are charged on both generation and load facilities as well. For more information, refer to this document.

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